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Operational guidelines on the implementation of the bank group’s results-based financing policy


The Bank has proposed to the Board the introduction of a new lending instrument – Results - Based Financing (RBF) – to support government programs. When approved, RBF will support government - owned sector programs and link disbursements directly to the achie vement of program results ( See Annex 1 for the definition of a program ) . D esign ing and implement ing RBF supported programs will involve ex - ante assessments of the program and its systems, ex - post (independent) results verification, and systematic institutional development. RBF will primarily aim at increas ing accountability and incentives to deliver and sustain results, improv ing the effectiveness and efficiency of government - owned sector programs, promot ing in stitutional development, and enhanc ing development effectiveness. RBF will further seek to support coordination and harmonization with other development partners involved. It will also seek to explore collaborative opportunities with emerging donors and ot her new actors on the development landscape, such as Foundations.

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