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Policy Documents

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22-Apr-2010 Checklist for Gender Mainstreaming in the Water and Sanitation Sector
22-Apr-2010 Checklist for Gender Mainstreaming in Governance Programmes
21-Apr-2010 Information Note on the Checklist for Mainstreaming Gender and Climate Change in Projects
23-Mar-2010 Guidelines on Project Completion Reporting
23-Mar-2010 Format for Projet Completion Report
23-Mar-2010 Format for Project Competion Report for Technical Assistance Operations
23-Mar-2010 Format for Project Completion Report of Policy Based Lending Operations
09-Feb-2010 Policy Guidelines and Procedures for Emergency Relief Assistance
02-Dec-2009 Bank Group Capacity Development Strategy
02-Nov-2009 Guidance Note - Addressing Sector Governance and Corruption Risk in Infrastructure Projects
31-Aug-2009 Environmental Review Procedures for Private Sector Operations of the AfDB
10-Jul-2009 Environmental and Social Assessment Procedures
10-Jul-2009 Integrated Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Guidelines
03-Jul-2009 Handbook on Stakeholder Consultation and Participation in AfDB Operations
02-Mar-2009 Criteria for Cost Sharing Exemption When Financing Eligible Regional Public Goods (RPGs)
10-Feb-2009 Checklist for Gender Mainstreaming in the Education Sector with a Special Focus on Higher Education, Science and Technology Sub-Sector
10-Feb-2009 Gender Mainstreaming Checklist for the Health Sector
10-Feb-2009 Checklist for Gender Mainstreaming in the Infrastructure Sector
02-Feb-2009 Capital Adequacy Framework and Exposure Management Policy
30-Nov-2008 Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF) - Operational Guidelines